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Thread: Rotating an object downwards

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    Rotating an object downwards

    Hello there,

    I'm struggling on finding out how to make an object always face downwards.

    I have multiple movieclips inside a rotating movieclip and I need the multiple movie clips to always face downwards.

    I cannot work out how to do it with my noobie skills, and google is not helping me. I will be very grateful for any help.

    I've tried messing around with this code for a rotating eye, even though it's meant to rotate to the mouse, but have had no hope.

    _root.onEnterFrame= function(){
    a = eye._y-_ymouse;
    b = eye._x-_xmouse;
    angleA = Math.atan2(a, b);
    degrees = angleA*(180/Math.PI);
    setProperty ("eye", _rotation, degrees);
    Thanks in advanced.
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