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Thread: horizontal scroll bar hell...or satans evil powers

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    I am trying to modify the Dan Ludwig's flash 5 version of Mick Herrers effecient draggable scrolling. As far as I can tell I am changing the right things in the variables and actions. Unfortunately it seems that I am not. Not only does the scroll button not move correctly, as in back and forth instead of up and down, but it jumps when it's clicked.
    If anybody here has taken a crack at it, and were successful, well then please Larn me good!
    Cuz this really sucks that I can seem to get it to function. Even with the help of Dan and Mick. I must be missing something obvious or not obvious, or my head is up my ass.

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    If you're talking about etxt scrolling you can try:


    If you're talking about another kind of drag you can try:


    If you have further questions please post or email.

    Leo Lima

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