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Thread: Flash Store Template

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    Flash Store Template

    I came across this how to make your own store through a flash website tutorial.


    Before getting my hands dirty and going on ahead to design it, I was wondering if anyone knows if the codes (AS and php) are still valid by today's standards. Will this thing even work?

    I had done the e-cards tutorial there and it was almost a disaster. Luckly I managed to get it up and running perfectly with a few changes here and there. (thanks to musicman)

    What do you think?

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    So I spent 10 mins reviewing code and fla files...

    PHP looks ok, not a whole lot to it. A few typos here and there (English wasn't the developer's main language - Spanish isn't mine either). Easy enough to fix any issues.

    FLAs look ok. Lots of AS in there (1.0, 2.0). I tried to run the main store fla and got a error msg... missing a few .as includes.... and they're not in the zip file.

    If you can locate the missing .as files, and know your way around AS 1.0/2.0 and know some basic PHP and mySQL - this might not be too bad.

    The developer did some nice work tho. I just wish the app worked for me.


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    Ah, thanks so much. I'm going to check it out then. I've already completed the e-card portion of my site, so all that's left is the store. I wonder if I'm able to get a complete working template that someone might even be able to update the download section. It's quite a fun feature to have on a website.

    Musicman here on the forums helped me with the e-card bit, and it works perfectly... if only there were another way though, the domain keys seems to the only issue as it puts the cards in the junk folder.

    Thanks again.

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