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Thread: Building Video thumbnail component

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    I get this error


    Class: com.greensock.TweenLite

    Line 282: if (this.target is TweenCore & " in this.vars)

    expecting a variable name


    I downloaded the greensock classes from the greensock website, but maybe it is a different version than the one you were using?

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    up to my .as in code Chris_Seahorn's Avatar
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    You are using TweenMax 11 to compile against. Fall back to version 10 (still found here and there) until the issues with this new TweenMax version are resolved. The developers are aware of this situation.

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    Ben, that code can be compiled from KM as external AS. This really isn't ready for use as is. And Chris is right about Tweenmax, look at the bottom of the page at greensock.com and you can find a link to version 10.

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