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Thread: maths quiz...

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    maths quiz...

    hmm..i dun know if this is the right board to post cos my question is very simple..

    i am creating a maths quiz...

    There are 2 input text fields..The instance names of 2 input text fields are inputField and inputField02.

    There is one dynamic text field to display the result....The instance name of dynamic text field is resultField.

    var a: Number;
    var b: Number;
    answer_btn.onRelease = function() {
    resultField.text = a/b;
    however when i press on answer button, the result displayed is NaN.

    What's wrong with the code?

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    You are trying to run a Math operation on strings and thats why you are getting the result as not-a-number (NaN). You need to modify one line of code:

    PHP Code:
    resultField.text Number(a)/Number(b); 
    This should work. This process is called as type casting and ideally this should be avoided. Type casting is never a good practice as it has a very high probablity of inducing bugs in your programming logic. But for now, you may use it.
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    As ever,
    Vinayak Kadam

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    Thanks for post!

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