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Thread: 3D rotation using rendered images... HELP!

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    3D rotation using rendered images... HELP!


    I'm having a little trouble grasping 3D rotation... now I know that saying 3D in flash can mean a lot of things, so here's a link of what I'm trying to achieve:

    3D Rotation

    I'm trying to rotate a diamond... and I already have a flash file which can do this left to right when the cursor moves over it... though I'd really like one like the linked plane file.

    I believe this is constructed using 16 left/right renders, done 17 times in terms of up/down rotations.

    Any help with this would be REALLY appreciated, as I've been struggling with it for a while and I don't want to just give up, or I'll never learn.

    Thanks, hope there's someone out there who can answer/help with this.

    Nicky : )

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    You're right about the method used in that link - they're just stepping through different views on a spritesheet.

    I'd set it up by capturing the mouse position on mouse down and calculating the difference on mouse move. From that you can determine how much you've rotated away from the first position and jump to the appropriate image.

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