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Thread: flash eshop solutions

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    flash eshop solutions

    Hi, I'm building a client of mine a flash based site for their clothing label and they want to intergrate an eshop into the site... which I dont have much experience with. Ideally they would like the shop in flash similar to this site https://shop.sportsgirl.com.au/index.html

    can anyone tell me if this is some sort of module that sportsgirl have used that has been tailored to meet their look or does it seem like a fully bespoke shop built especially for them?

    Can anyone give me some advice on the best soloution for creating something like this. Is there any prebuilt flash eshop templates with administrator backend I can buy and edit to meet the design style of my clients site? I have found lots of eshop modules but cant seem to find any that obviously intergrate with flash. Or are there flash shop front templates that I can buy, tailor for my needs and then link to some kind of prebuilt PHP eshop module?

    Any advice or links are greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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    My solution isn't completely straight out of the box, but I've done similar things using Drupal for the backend with 2 modules. amfphp and ubercart.

    Drupal is a content management system with a load of add ons and great forum support. amfphp is a module which allows flash to communicate with the Drupal backend and ubercart is an ecommerce module.

    If you've never played with Drupal there's a bit of a learning curve, but I found it to be very easy to get going with.
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    Count me in. I'm also wanting to make an e-shop as part of a little story website i've created. I'd be grateful if any building blocks are shared. Thanks

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