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Thread: swf file shows white box

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    swf file shows white box

    Hi Guys,
    I hope you can help me out here.
    I loaded a page on the server and is not showing up the flash object. You can hover the screen and you know the object is there but is showing a white box.
    Locally in my computer I can see it.
    Anybody knows what is the problem?
    The test page is http://www.flyawaytrip.com/test.html
    Thank you very much

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    How large is the file? It may be loading absurdly slow.

    Also, are you loading anything externally in the Flash movie?

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    The file is only 322 kb.
    You can see another website using the same file with success here www dot cosmerba dot com
    It suppose to load only an xml file with the data.

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