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Thread: Working on Brick breaker game and i need help on a few things

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    Working on Brick breaker game and i need help on a few things

    hi guys, i had an idea a few days ago of making a game like brick breaker.

    i can handle like one player, but i needed help on making a multiplayer option where you can play against another person (them using A and D keys), or you playing against an AI (i might be able to get the person VS person but i will definetly need help on AI).

    how i was planning the layout to be was that it would be split screen (like beside each each other)

    if there is anyway you guys can help with the actionscript(3.0) or have ideas of making the game better please post.


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    What have you made so far?

    Do you have any specific questions?
    Problems with certain parts of the game/code?
    For example, movement, collision, boundaries.

    For a split screen you can basically do all the updating to one
    DisplayObjectContainer(MovieClip) but don't add it to the stage.
    I'll call this movieclip "content"

    Next you can create a BitmapData (size of the screen) which is added to the stage via a bitmap container.
    var canvasData:BitmapData = new BitmapData( screenWidth, screenHeight );
    var canvas:Bitmap = new Bitmap( canvasData );
    At every update you can draw certain aspects of content to the half of the canvas, which will fully represent the game resolution.

    //matrix defines position to draw content onto canvasData
    //bounds is a rect that should define the boundaries that each player sees
    canvasData.draw(content, p1Matrix, null, null, p1Bounds);
    canvasData.draw(content, p2Matrix, null, null, p2Bounds);
    This code will not work, as I did not define many of these variables.
    It's just an idea.
    This is one way for split screen. I'm sure there are many others.

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    I think that this could be a nice simple game, but keep in mind that if people want to play brick breaker, they could pick up their ancient cell phone and play.

    You have to give them a reason to play your version. How about some catch, or a gimmick like gravity zones that change the ball's path.
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    well, i've just completed the planning documents and some charecters have been design. and then again peoples cellphones don't have a competitive option (multiplayer selection). i will try to add Gravity zones but i will even try to have bonuses like making the paddle longer and stuff like that.

    but thanks for the help.

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