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Thread: Problems With Embedded Movie

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    Problems With Embedded Movie

    Hi all,

    I'm using Flash to create a simple profile on a recording artist for work. I'm trying to embed a minute-long .mov file into Flash, so when someone clicks the "watch" button I created, it changes frames and plays this .mov file.

    I have everything uploaded, but the .mov file only shows up on certain computers when someone actually clicks the "watch" button. It works on my Mac, a friend's Mac, but on the three PCs I've tested, it won't show up. The Flash file itself works, but the .mov file won't show up on the frame when it is accessed.

    The flash file containing the .mov is embedding onto a .php page made in Dreamweaver. On all computers, when the .swf is accessed directly, the .mov file will work properly. On the PCs, when the .php page is accessed and the Flash loads, the .mov will not load.

    Here are the links:
    The PHP page: http://www.headlinecountry.net/spotl...allaryhope.php
    The SWF file: http://www.headlinecountry.net/spotl...allaryhope.swf
    - Click the "Watch" button on the Flash page when it loads. The .mov file should automatically load there.

    Sorry if this is confusing. I'm using AS2. Any help is appreciated!!


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    i'm on a mac and the php page doesnt load the movie. the swf page loads the movie though
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