Hello everyone,

I'm looking for a flash whizz to help me out.

My website, 80scartoons.co.uk, is looking a bit dated and I'd like to try creating a flash based drop down menu system to naviagte all the cartoon pages. I know a little flash, but nothing like this. I'd need it to be easily changed if needed (like if new pages were added or removed) and for it to look fresh, friendly, and for it to be INSTINCTIVE AND EASY TO USE - very important!! I want it to blend into the rest of the site and not look too obviously like a different designer has designed it, if you understand....

Any takers? Will pay , please get in touch if you think you might be able to help, with an example of something similar you've made, if possible.

Cheers muchly!! If you do a great job there might be more little bits and pieces in the future for you!

(please contact me using contact***@***80scartoons.co.uk)... minus the stars of course...