I need to create a list that will shows topics form an XML file that show the topic category, title and icon for the file format (swf, or pdf). The caveat is they want topics sorted by category. See image.

I can integrate the XML with no problem...but the "category" row from the image is what has me twisted. In my feeble mind, the way to go is

1) to create a scrollPane

2) create "content_mc" as the contents of the ScrollPane

3) create a custom "listHeader" a custom "listRowItem"

4) read thru the XML, collect the categories into an array "catArray"

5) Loop thru "catArray" adding a "listHeader" with appropriate category, and add a "listRowItem" populated with the corresponding data from the XML to the scrollPane's "content_mc"

Anybody know another way to create such a list without creating a bunch of custom stuff?