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Thread: Stand-Up comic needs simple Flash game developed - $200

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    Stand-Up comic needs simple Flash game developed - $200

    Stand up comic needs a simple flash game developed for my website. Have most art you'll need, have a simple concept. Not rich, (comedy has really been hurt by the recession), but can pay $200 paypal. Help an up and coming artist and make a little scratch. Thanks in advance!

    What I'm looking for is "Comedy Simulator 2010 A.D.!" You control me on stage, telling jokes, all the while dodging hecklers throwing stuff at you. Also, you can click on the heckler and hit him with the mic before he throws. Sort of like whack a mole. If you complete the level you get your "Comedy Degree" you can print out on your computer. The thing is you have to be standing near the mic to tell the jokes, but when you are, it's playing audio of my act, so people will get to hear me during it, and you only get points when you're near the mic. I'd also like a leaderboard to keep people coming back for high scores during the 5 minute round.

    I've attached a sample of the art, and can have my artist draw whatever else you may need. The background will be a basic, cartoony looking comedy stage!

    I could really use the help. Im about to relaunch my site and this is the last thing I need.

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    I can do this in a week or less. Please, contact me: frankie.ac3 |at| gmail |dot| com !
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    I have over 5 years experience and can get this done in the highest quality. You need something that will stand out and I can do that. You can see some of my work on my website at www.theanimatorstudios.com

    Thank you and much Success!

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    I can do this game for you, check this trampoline game and flash cricket game I did for another website. I can work for you directly. Send me a PM for further discussion.

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