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Thread: Help please!!!!

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    Help please!!!!

    Hi there brand new member to Flash Kit

    Have used tutorials on occasions good site!

    HELP pretty please....

    I'm stuck, all of a sudden my website which consists of a simple html page with swf linked into it stopped working.

    It was working fine around 2wks ago (And 3months before) but now it won't load to the main page within the swf.
    The swf works fine too when running from my PC itself absolutely no problem.

    I heard that it could be my cache itself and that it had worked recently on other machines.
    If this is the case how can I clear the cache?
    Be nice if it is in many ways then it works for the rest of people but I need to sort this.

    Address is:


    Really would love the help!

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    Ryan Thomson EvolveDesigns's Avatar
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    British Columbia
    Your site loads fine for me although it did take a bit to get the flash loaded, a preloader might be helpful. If you're on a pc hold down the shift key and press 'f5'. this will ignore your browser cache and pull the site from the server.

    ps welcome to fk!
    Evolve Designs Interactive Media
    the natural selection

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    Sep 2009
    Thanks Evolve Designs.

    Yeah seems it has started working again, tried deleting all my temp files, temp internet files, tried shift and f5, tried reloading files etc too

    There should be a preloader on it currently.

    Seems that changing reloading the file this last time just seems to have worked, no idea why though!

    Thanks anyway!

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