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Thread: Please Review New Website

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    Lightbulb Please Review New Website

    Please Review my website


    It was done 100% in SwishMax 2
    Please feel free to comment on any aspect of the site.

    Thank you

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    I'd get rid of the audio and limit (or slow down) the constantly changing background ... it complicates the eye when your moving from photo to photo.

    Other than that, great style and nicely laid out site.

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    Yea the background changing is a bit much, maybe have it change when you click on one of the links below so each section has a diff background. The music seems fine to me if it weren't so loud. Then again that could just be my volume. Other than that, it looks great.

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    The site is okay and the ladies are beautiful. The bottom menu is a bit hard to read thought, as well as the footer. I think the site as a whole needs to be taken a notch up to be made tighter. For example, when a new section is clicked you still see the site background which looks odd. The little squares also seem odd. You have powerful images and you need to use them more effectively.

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