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Thread: AS3 CS3- Preloading .flv, How can I get it to fully load the video before playing?

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    Post AS3 CS3- Preloading .flv, How can I get it to fully load the video before playing?


    First off I'm using CS3, with AS3. I'm a complete novice with Code so please spell it out to me as simply as you possibly can. (I've spent 3 days searching for solutions that I can't understand)

    I'm trying to preload a movie so that it doesn't stutter when it plays. So i thought preload the whole flv and then let it automatically play. I followed Adobe's tutorial http://www.adobe.com/devnet/flash/ar...amming_03.html on 'Controlling web video with ActionScript 3 FLVPlayback programming' and added a progress bar all using components. But I just can't get it to work, the progress bar disappears when it loads and the movie starts playing before its preloaded.

    Here's the online version;

    and I've put the .Fla here:

    Thanks for any help,

    A struggling, tired designer...

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    Ok so i've given up with AS3, converted my document back to AS2 and with the help of this blog I've solved the problem, very useful for preloading flv's and various other things too.

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    Hi Dean-

    I apolgize no one answered your thread. I share your issues and frustration.

    I have a lot of troubles with AS3 as well because I'm a frontend designer who's been using Flash since 1998. I'm pretty decent in As2, but in AS3 I'm a complete dufus.

    And I've immersed myself within the AS3 environment for the last 6 months- figuring lightning would strike sooner or later. Well, the only place I can figure lightning has struck was far out to sea... all the while I'm far inland.

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    I know you've already solved it, but I thought I'd share anyway.

    In the NetStream class there is a bufferTime and bufferLength attribute. You can check to see if the two are equal and do ____ accordingly.
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