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Thread: Easy Question-How to make take appear when a button is clicked

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    Easy Question-How to make take appear when a button is clicked

    I have a simple question for someone --Im very new at Flash.

    I have a box and 3 different colored buttons at the left. When a person clicks the red button the box turns red, green button turns the box green, etc.

    My question is I would like the text color of the box to appear under the box according to what button they press. Here is my code to turn the box red. What line would i add to have the word Red show up under the box when the red button is clicked. Do I type the word Red and make it a movie clip? Then what?
    red_btn.onRelease = function() {
    var rimColor_color = new Color(box_mc);


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    Why don't you make TextFields underneath each of the buttons and put the coresponding text in the TextFields. Then set the Visibility properties for the TextFields to false. Afterwards, set up an EventListener to set their visibility to true.

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