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Thread: Farmville type game??

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    Question Farmville type game??

    Hi everyone and anyone,

    I am trying to make a game similar to farmville on facebook using AS3 however I have no idea where to start I normaly try to make platform games.

    Is there anyone who can help me with this, like maybe what sort of coding I should be looking in to?


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    How does Farmville work?

    Really, this is the question you should be asking yourself. I don't know how the game works, but you need to breakdown the different things you can do in the game. Make a list, and start figuring each thing out one by one.

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    Benchmark is the key.

    You need to play the game and start writing what you see or what de game does, start from scratch emulating moves or situations and the study the variables games, the variables are everything

    Like mafia wars, you play with variables, but farmville go further.

    Good Luck

    "I love to make them as I love to play them"

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    Hmm.. Howa bout starting out with some sort of tile based maps?

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