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Thread: Can I do this with the .swf or do I need the .fla?

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    Can I do this with the .swf or do I need the .fla?

    Hi guys, for my online photo gallery I use a flash template that reads input from an .xml file...but I'd like to change the gallery a bit if possible. Unfortunately I don't have the .fla file, I only have the .swf. All I'd really like to do is create a link to my website URL, and maybe add a line of text for copyright purposes.

    Can I do this with just the .swf file or am I out of luck without the .fla? Thanks!

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    fla = source code
    swf = compiled code

    you need the fla to make changes. however you can decompile the swf with 'an unspecified program' if your really have to.

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