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Thread: My own scene and component problem

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    My own scene and component problem

    Hi there Everyone! Im quite new to Flash but I like it so much. I made a few very basic movies so far, but no ActionScript. I have to make a presentation, and I decided to make it in Flash (instead of the old PowerPoint) and amaze my boss and collegues. And now I run in my first problem which is the following:
    I have a flippingbook component installed and I use it in my presentation (this is a component which makes an effect as if the user would flipping pages of a book). What I would like to do is when I flip to a certain page using the component and press a button then some sentences to appear in handwriting text effect on the blank pages of the flipping book component. The problem is that when I make these handwriting scenes (as individual scenes), these scenes remain on the top of the component, so they will be there even when I flip pages. If I put these scenes below the component then they are not visible. Please try to help me and give some advice or hint on how to solve this problem!

    Thank you very much in advance!

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    its really difficult to understand your problem because we dont know how your flip component works.

    i would recommend your stick to powerpoint for a presentation because using flash would be a bit overkill for what your trying to do. but i can still give you some advice. you need to use actionscript to allow user intervention.

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