Hi all - I'm having major woes with what I think is a cross domain policy problem. I've tried doing a board search but it keeps coming up I failed the spam bot test even though I never get asked a question!

The problem: I am creating a website for a client that cannot host flvs or swfs on their server. The client has a media hoster for that. On their website is a video player that loads in a series of png thumbnails that when you click on one, the appropriate flv is streamed for that image.

Locally everything works. Then I set up the .as file to point to the hosting server location for the pngs and the flvs. These are both stored in the same folder - http://www.hoster.com/client/

Testing on our local server has found that the images load but the flvs refuse to stream.

Testing done: I set the Publish Settings Local Playback Security to: Access Network Only. This seemed to help with Test Movie. The images and videos load and play but again on the test server, the flvs refuse to play. Local test versions on my desktop had the video and images loading.

I transfered the swf and flvs to a remote alternative test hosting server. The .as file points to the client hosting location for the pngs and the alt testing hoster for the flvs. Again on the test html server, the flvs fail to load.

Then I transfered the html to the alt test hosting server, with everything, the flvs, the swf and the html in the same folder on the same domain. The videos load hurray!!

So I considered a cross domain problem. The client HAS to have the swf and the flvs and the pngs hosted remotely. So the remote alt test hoster and my test html server stand in place of the client and the clients flv/swf hoster. Perhaps a crossdomain.xml file on the alt test hoster will work I thought.

I then used flash.system.Security.loadPolicyFile("http://www.alternateHostingDomain.com/folder/folder/crossdomain.xml"); and used a wild card * in the domain file and put it in the right place. I then tested out the html on the Test HTML server, calling up the swf stored on the alt hosting server.


What the heck am I doing wrong?

The images are successfully being called from the clients hosting service.
A click through link on the swf is being handled by <param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always" />
But the flvs are just not streaming - I see the browser (IE and FF) trying to connect to the hosting server - both the clients and the alt test one to no avail.

ANY help would be great!!



Versions: CS4, AS2 and FP9