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Thread: transform.colorTransform remove animation from timeline

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    transform.colorTransform remove animation from timeline

    I have problem I have animation of movie clip in timeline, this animation is stopped on first frame. When I change color of movie clip - by transform.colorTransform and then i wanna star the timeline animation The animation of movie clip is removed.

    I supposed that using of transform class remove every tween ,even tween on timeline. Is possible to cancle removing of animation and keep colorTransform???

    Test fla is in attachment.

    Thanx a lot
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    I'm seeing this same issue - did you happen to find a solution?

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    press the picture...
    Convert the graphic inside of the MovieClip to a MovieClip, name it for example _mc and then change the color of _mc. That would work.
    mcr._mc.transform.colorTransform = CT;
    The MovieClip does not seem to move even you eliminate the Tween completely and stays in frame 1. I am not sure the reason for that. Since the timeline moves it appears that the MovieClip is invisible and all you see is an image of the new Object at a certain position in all frames. You probably need to use AS and no frames to get a Tween.
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