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Thread: HTML publish filesize problem

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    HTML publish filesize problem

    Hey all,

    i've designed a flash based e-learning tutorial, wich is animated and interactive. If my client want's to use it in his own e-learning system i have to deliver it in HTML format.
    The problem is in file's size. I managed to get everything working fine, all the sounds are loaded externally, *fla file size is around 7megs, *.swf file size around 500kb...the problem is in HTML format filesize --> 3.5 megs!!

    I tried to change HTML publishing settings (dimensions, quality) but nothing worked. The size remains the same. Is it normal that there's such a difference between *.swf and *.html formats of the same flash movie?
    Any ideas what else should i try, except making my own html page and embedd the movie manually? Would that make any difference?

    thx for help,


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    This is quite not possible! Absolutely mess of Flash. Surely something is going wrong somewhere.....

    Better you embed it manually for now and check!
    As ever,
    Vinayak Kadam

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    I've deleted all frames that were unused from certain point on and suddenly the html filesize was reduced from 3.500kb to 700kb. No loss of quality or anything.

    Obviously when publishing to *.swf flash does that anyway beacuse the *.swf filesize did not change after deleting those frames (500kb).

    It is also strange i could not find a any threads about similar html publishing problems so far.

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    Have you lowered your asset's display qualities to low or medium? Also, look into code optimization. Is there any code in your project that you could cut out or shorten?
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    Thanks both for your reply.

    Yes i did try to lower the quality, but when publishing in html it made no difference...
    Anyway i managed to get html filesize down to 40kb by changing two of dynamic text fields to static ones. The swf filesize remains almost the same around 500kb. I still don't quite understand why extra frames and these texboxes only affect html filesize.

    The other funny thing with dynamic text fields also happened with my embeded preloader showing percentage of loaded content. If i use percentage count with dynamic textfield on stage, the size of first frame is around 111kb, if i delete the textbox and show only animation the filesize is around 20kb.
    That's why preloader starts a bit late, starting at 10%.
    All classes are exported into frame 2. There's also no fonts embeded on preloader scene (frame1). Any ideas?

    Frame # Frame Bytes Total Bytes Scene
    ------- ----------- ----------- ----------------
    1 111240 111240 Preloader Scene
    2 33187 144427 Uvod (AS 3.0 Classes Export Frame)

    The code:


    addEventListener(Event.ENTER_FRAME, loading);

    function loading(e:Event) {
    var bytestotal = stage.loaderInfo.bytesTotal;
    var bytesloaded = stage.loaderInfo.bytesLoaded;
    var pct = Math.round(bytesloaded/bytestotal*100);
    loaderText.text = pct + "%";

    if (bytesloaded >= bytestotal) {
    removeEventListener(Event.ENTER_FRAME, loading);
    gotoAndPlay(1, "Uvod");

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