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Thread: Looking for... help please

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    Exclamation Looking for... help please

    Hello there. I have been trying to create a really amazing Flash game for a university project. I have a lot of plans and the game I have planned thus far has been really coding heavy. Although I have used Action script before I'm finding it really difficult to make it do what I want. I made this golden joystick nominated game Bogus bunny and other games on my website.

    The game will be called Xao, it’s about a group of mystical frogs that are trying to save the world from nasty deforesting polluting robots. The game is a side scrolling puzzle platform game with elements of strategy. I know it sounds complicated but half of the elements in the game will be quite easy when it comes to scripting. Basically the player will start their game with one jelly pool (the resource), the HQ and a Froglet.

    I have 2 or 3 other people that are helping with the game but, it would be totally amazing if, well, someone with some knowledge of action script were to, well, help out. if you help you'll obviously have your name in the credits. I'm hoping the game should be really popular.

    There will be 4 difficulty's, only two unlocked to start off with, so, any idea how to do that would be great.

    Please add me to MSN messenger if you have it, also do as much or as little as you like, no responsibility’s. Also any other input or questions about the game would be fantastic. Also I can release an Alpha of the game soon and testers would be fantastic.


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