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Thread: Post variable from Flash to php

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    Post variable from Flash to php

    Hi all,

    I've got a flash front end for an image gallery. The images are pulled into
    Flash via php which delivers a string of filepaths - this works fine.

    Now I need to allow users to delete certain images if they choose so I need
    to be able to pass a particular filepath to a new php file (delete.php).

    I have the filepath of the currently displayed image as a variable in flash
    called "delete_path".

    QUESTION - how, (on a button trigger with AS2) can I pass this string "delete_path" to delete.php ?

    WORTH KNOWING - there is tons of other dynamic data on the flash front end
    and I don't really want to chuck it all at the php file - just the one variable "delete_path".

    Best wishes

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    send to php (using LoadVars - AS2) -
    PHP Code:
    myLoadVars = new LoadVars();
    myLoadVars.delete_path "your.jpg";
    myLoadVars.onLoad = function(){
    trace("File removed = "+this.removed);
    in your.php (resides in same folder as images) -
    PHP Code:

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