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Thread: using the if statement with an edit box

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    using the if statement with an edit box

    hi, i have searched previous posts and i am a little stuck

    all i want to do is to enable a user to check that what they have written in an edit box is the correct answer or not

    var element ("correct")
    var element ("try again")
    var element ("input") = "3"

    if (input="3")
    element ("correct").show();
    element ("try again").show()

    and what happens is no matter what is written in the edit box, "correct" shows up

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    Maybe I'm wrong but to me none of that code looks right. Never seen syntax like that before in actionscript.

    Create an input text box called "input" and a button with the instance name "check":

    PHP Code:
    check.onPress = function() {
    if (
    input.text == 3) {
    } else {
    trace("try again");
    You could of course change the trace action so it displays the result in another text box or something but that's just an example.

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