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Thread: The Social Media Guru

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    The Social Media Guru


    Bwaahaha .. so true.

    “better, completely measurable medium” with CTR Ads could be another good video to make.

    Buying audiences instead of inventory is what years of Data gives..
    I ask you all to concentrate really hard on the freedom of all being. Its hard not to be very angry it is impossible We have to focus this confusion frustration helplessness feeling into a creative outlet Anger can spawn such amazing creativity through Street art Free art to teach each other know each other a language our evolution Go ahead and break some dumb rules

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    I love the Graphic Designer vs client. Bit too much potty mouth for here though

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    Btw about social media: guys, do you know how can I buy Instagram followers?

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    Kalam we can help you host a fake instagram private server written using adobe air & you can give yourself the number of followers from there.

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    Do you know how can I buy Instagram followers?

    You can buy from different platforms, but they are completely irrelevant and fake, I prefer not to go for that.

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