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Thread: FLV Playback, Alpha, and the timeline

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    FLV Playback, Alpha, and the timeline

    I'm trying to get an instance of an FLV Playback that serves as a background to one of the sections of my Flash site to fade in once the section is entered, and fade back out again when it is exited. I've put it into an mc called 'vid container' and I applied some simple motion tweening to the container, to fade it in from 0 opacity to 100 and back down again.

    What I'm having trouble understanding is that, while the fadeout works absolutely fine, the fade in doesn't work at all.

    Is there a better way of achieving this result, more code based? Or any way at all in fact!

    Thanks for any help you can offer, all comments are wholly appreciated.

    Thanks, Dan

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    Not sure which version of actionscript you are using, but yes there is always a way to do it with code. I prefer to have my animation controlled by code verses the timeline because it will produce a more fluid transition.

    You can use the Tween class to produce the same effect. What version of actionscript are you using?
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    yeah, i figured there'd be a code way to do it, and after your response to my other thread, i've sort of taken the code mindset on, i'm now amending something i did earlier!

    the document is set to actionscript 2, thanks for any help

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