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Thread: Adobe CS3 Windows 7 AMD phenom

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    Adobe CS3 Windows 7 AMD phenom

    I am getting ready to upgrade to a new computer, running windows 7 on a AMD phenom x4.

    Anyone heard of problems running CS3 on Windows 7 with AMD chipsets? I am not using photoshop, just the web tools like Fireworks, Flash and DW.
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    Sounds like a solid move. I haven't heard specifics on that exact combo but individually everything seems to be on the up and up.

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    Zero problems on the two machines that I built for people with very similar setups as yours. The only problem you may encounter would be the video drivers - one of my friends had some odd ass vid card that just wouldn't config correctly - a Visiontek 2400HD Pro - that I had to reg hack to make it work just fine.

    But that was one of the oddest things I've seen in years easily.

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    I'm running the CS3 suite on a Windows 7 machine with an AMD processor and it works well. No problems at all.
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