I have a few questions that involve PV3D. My apologies for the broad range of questions.

1. How can I turn procedural textures in Blender into UV textures for PV3D?

2. Why do I get distortion in PV3D when rotating UV textured objects? Even something as simple as a cube. Is it due to the fact that the objects are triangulated?

3. How can I make objects double-sided in PV3D, especially when UV maps are applied? I have managed to do it by using a solid PV3D material, but not when I use a UV texture.

4. How can I control the view type in PV3D? Can I set the camera type to Ortho instead of Perspective?

5. Lastly, does anybody know why when I encrypt my swf files using Swf Encrypt, from Amayata, PV stops working? Does PV update the assets of the swf file when it does it's render loop?

I've been trying to figure these things out for a few months now, but have made very little progress. If anybody knows about this stuff, I would greatly appreciate their wisdom.