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Thread: Help with Custom Movie Clip

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    Help with Custom Movie Clip

    Hey everyone,
    I'm a pretty experienced flash developer, but this problem has got me duped.

    So I have a movie clip associated with an external class in the linkage dialog. I put that movie clip on the stage. I have another external class that contains some code (not for the movie clip but for the stage). When I access the custom properties of the class in the actual flash file (not the external code) everything works fine.
    For example.
    myMovieClip.explodeTheCode = true;
    works in the main movie. However, it doesn't work in the external flash file when I have a reference to that movie clip.
    myRefToCustomMovieclip.explodeTheCode = true fails!
    It throws an error. In java, I'd just import the custom class the movie clip is linked to and then I can call all the extra custom methods on the movie clip in the external class I want. However, this does nothing. I still can't access any properties.
    So my question is, how do I access the custom features of a movie clip (that is linked to a custom class) from an external code file. It works in the movie, but not in the external source code. Any help would REALLY be appriciated.

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    I'd suggest you upload a very simple example with your problem in order to help clarifying the situation.

    Also, you should have mentioned both the AS and Flash version.

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