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Thread: Probably easy MC issue (random movieclip)

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    Post Probably easy MC issue (random movieclip)

    Hi there,

    I hope someone can help me out with a simple code.

    I have many (30+) movieclips on stage. (many are invisible)
    And i have one "special movieclip" with _x _y off the stage.
    If i press a button, i would like that "special movieclip" goes around(_y _x) a random visible movieclip and plays its second frame.

    And off course it would be great if i can notice movieclips that are not related to the movie itself(like pause button, mute button etc.), i dont want "special moveclip" goes around mute button to dance.

    I hope you understand what i mean and can help me out, i cant google for this problem, cause i have no idea how to search it. Please help me out /:

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    var x:Number = 1; x /= 0;
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    I don't know that I entirely understand what you are asking. Is your question about how to choose a random movie clip?

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    From what I understand, you want to tell your "special movie clip" to move to a desired position, circle around a visible movie clip, and then play that movie clips second frame.

    I have attached a basic example. Hope it helps.
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