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Thread: play movie clip ONCE then stop (on click)

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    play movie clip ONCE then stop (on click)

    i have a movie clip symbol on the stage

    i have set up a "CLICK" event listener. in the function it says
    how can i make it stop after playing once? WHY IS THIS SO HARD!

    i tried putting a stop(); inside the movie clips last frame but that did nothing

    i wish flash had a MC.playThenStop(); function!

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    a stop() on the last frame should work fine. There must be something else triggering a play() or preventing the stop(). You'd have to elaborate on the surrounding code.

    .playThenStop() is actually a great idea, perhaps you could file a feature request.

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    i dont think the stop(); works becase its not on the main timeline, i put it on the timeline of the movie clip (u know u double click on a movie clip and it opens up its timeline? i put the stop(); on the lsat frame in there)

    i double checked hte code there is no other "MC.play();" anywhere else. so idk what the problem is

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    If a stop() in the timeline doesn't work, there's def something else at work, it doesnt get easier than that. Any chance you can post the fla?
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