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Thread: FLASH JOB NEEDED - Please read for details

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    FLASH JOB NEEDED - Please read for details


    I am looking for someone available now, who will make a few changes to a variation of an mp3 player as sourced from flabell.com, located here:

    Original player here: http://www.flabell.com/flash/Flash-Mp3-Player-29

    The changes I need are: http://www.v-m-g.co.uk/emma/mp3player.zip
    - all .fla files, .xml files, .swfs, .as and resources included

    Interface showing albums:

    We have one player where theres one artist, but a selection of albums. Its not really intuitive given this that you cannot see the 2 pics lead to 2 seperate albums, so some ideas thatd get round this: (Whichever is quickest and easiest for you please - if you have a better solution please let me know and we will go with that.)

    1. Incorporate a way of showing the album title nearby/on/under image - album title needs to be configurable via xml. Currently I have a jpeg here showing the album title.

    2. Configure so that the little tooltip that pops up when you hover an album will give you the album title, not the artist. Or remove the tooltip and place a title over the jpeg itself, as is now currently in the jpeg.

    Interface after an album is clicked:

    1.) remove the current 'buy' button. (The yellow dollar sign). replace song duration time area with 'buy' button following theme (eg the same as back to albums style button, in grey, and text fading yellow onhover) and make this a link that can be configurable via xml (So i can add the links)

    2.)Add a 'buy album' button somewhere within the playlist, following the theme, or at the bottom of the playlist itself. make this a link that can be configurable via xml

    This player uses as2. This is ideally intended to be a quick fix until an updated version of the player is released in late january, in which case if you need another quick project then, you're welcome to have the job of updating this one too.

    Itd be great if anyone looking for a quick extra job would post a quote or get in touch via emmaburge@live.co.uk or if i've broken a rule and i'm not allowed to post jobs here please direct me to the right place!

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    moved to the more appropriate flash freelance forum.


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