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Thread: Cheers to the board.

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    Cheers to the board.

    I don't know what percentage of you guys are pro, freelance, full-time; coders, designers, webmonkeys etc. ...I've been on this board for almost a decade and mostly I just talk to noobs about their noob problems, and occasionally ***** people out... but I'm intrigued by this coffee lounge thing because it's been so long since I had anyone I could talk to about my work. I love my work. I love waking up every day and firing up Flex and getting on the phone and getting the orders and writing the code. IRL my friends think I'm a grumpy f*cker because all I ever do is work, but then when I go out I can't talk about the thing I really enjoy most in life... code. I can talk about all kinds of other stuff, but it's useless explaining what I'm actually doing with my time; no one would understand it. I used to want to be a writer, and I wrote books, and I used to want to be a musician, and I went on tour, but all of that stuff seems like it was for validation from other people, it never actually made me feel happy to think about it when I was sitting by myself. Code, for some weird reason, does. It's like an end in itself. Not many people get this outside of this little work here. It's not like being an engineer who does some tiny piece of a motor that goes into a jumbo jet; it's more like building the jet from the ground up in two weeks and watching it take off.

    I wish I could really take coffee breaks and talk shop to people who knew what I was talking about. But it just doesn't happen.

    I guess we're each all alone.

    Well I just wanted to say that, and thank all of you guys for the knowledge that you're out there and that you go through all the same stuff I do, and for being here to yak about it from time to time. Thanks.

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    What's funny is, no matter what level one is at, they induct themselves into the developers guild as soon as they decide they're competent. There's probably some Harry Potter analogies I could make but I've not watched or read any of the stories.

    At any rate, I have the same love for the CL. The friends I wished I'd have grown up with. Not that I don't have mad love for my dogs, just harder to commiserate these days.

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    I'm feeling all of that. When I first became a member at fk I was in an unrelated field. 80 percent of the people I knew at work didn't even have computers. The 20 percent that did were challenged by things like connecting to the internet, using an email client. Hell, they were amazed by how to use an address bar in a browser.

    Now that I work from home I miss the social interaction of the workplace, Even though I when I did work in a brick and mortar I faced those same moments of alienation. The good news is that,,, The lounge is still here. Changing jobs doesn't mean changing friends.

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    I am here since Flash 5, sorry don't remember the year. I am a biologist. That is my main job, but starting with web design (html first) I like coding. May be it forces me to be very precise and I pleasantly experience stuff (geometrie), where I am weak at. Also I never thought I could learn a computer language, which Flash now is and even write a book about it. I would like to do more but time does not allow it. I also did other things to get distracted: theater acting, writing monologs, short stories (Geocities is gone now). I think if I had to choose again I would not study science again, but when I made that decision the computers looked like in early versions of Startrek with big tapes. I would go into art.

    I haven't met anybody from the forum here, so I only know people's avatars. But I kind of feel comfortable coming here and sometimes provoking others (the author of the thread knows what I mean ).

    Continue having nice holidays.
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    <PWD> Cheers </PWD>

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    Quote Originally Posted by jAQUAN View Post
    ...There's probably some Harry Potter analogies I could make but I've not watched or read any of the stories...
    How does one make an analogy of something one doesn't watch/read? <-- Gotcha!

    Okay, yeah, same sentiments over here for TS (thread starter) as well. If I were to ask my buddies/families about codes, and they only think of DVD player region specific ones.

    With FK... its all warm and fuzzy. Mostly warm.
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    N' then I might just
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    I guess we're each all alone.
    born alone, die alone ...and in between we try to connect.


    Quote Originally Posted by GMF ™ View Post
    <PWD> Cheers </PWD>
    wowsers, a legend re-appears. A supermod before there was ever such a thing here.
    No longer a Flashkit mod, not even by stealth

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