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Thread: Collision detection?

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    Collision detection?

    Hello, im makign an online game.

    here is the link so you can get an idea: http://jpoel.x10hosting.com/OnlineGame/

    basically, players are added to the room in the order they come in

    what i'm wanting, is for player movie clip index's to be reordered as they hit eachother

    for example, in this instance..

    player james is closer to the bottom of the screen than player 13the13, yet 13the13 appears to be above player james

    i want the two movie clips to reorder themselves when this happens, so really, i want something like this

    if(PlayerA hits PlayerB){
      if(PlayerA.y > PlayerB.y){
        Put PlayerA infront
        Put PlayerB infront
    the movie clip names of the characters are generated dynamically, and are a random number, so im guessing i cant use hitTestObject.

    Any help would be appreciated!!
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    WOWW i managed to fix it all by myself! heres the code if anyone is interested!

    function sortCharacters(event:Event){
    var viewItems = new Array();
    for(var i=0; i<characters.numChildren; i++) {
    viewItems.sortOn("y", Array.NUMERIC);
    for(var e=0; e<viewItems.length; e++)

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