Hi all.

So, I know how to change the alpha of one movie clip at a time on rollover, rollout, and release. But I'm a bit stuck trying to figure out how I would change the alpha of multiple movie clips, when one is clicked.

It's for a simple photo gallery and I want all the thumbnails to darken once one has been clicked & the image is loading. I can't just fake it by having a somewhat transparent black movie clip appear over everything, because I need the alpha of each thumbnail to be able to change again once people roll over a new thumbnail.

Is there any simple way to do this? Any help is much appreciated.


(a section of my code is included for reference but there are like 30 thumbnails so I didn't include it all, the code is the same for everything)

thumb_001.onRollOver = over;
thumb_001.onPress = down;
thumb_001.onRollOut = out;
thumb_001.onRelease () {

thumb_002.onRollOver = over;
thumb_002.onPress = down;
thumb_002.onRollOut = out;

thumb_003.onRollOver = over;
thumb_003.onPress = down;
thumb_003.onRollOut = out;

function over() {

function down() {

function out() {