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Thread: More Horizontal Hell

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    Has anyone here tried turning Dan Ludwigs tutorial on effecient draggable scrolling into a horizontal scroller? If so and you were successful, hook me up. I feel so close, but I am missing something. I can't even get the stupid scroll button to move horizontal.

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    flash 5 actions:
    in frame 1 of the parent movieclip - the one that holds everything for the scrolling:

    left = scrollButton._x;
    scrollLength = scrollFill._width - scrollButton._width;
    right = left + scrollLength;
    textField = "put your text here"

    extend all of your layers out to frame 2, and put a stop action in frame 2 of the parent movieclip.

    on the instance of your scrollButton movieclip:

    onClipEvent (enterFrame) {
    if (scrolling) {
    _parent.textField.scroll = Math.ceil(((_parent.scrollButton._x-_parent.left)/_parent.scrollLength)*_parent.textField.maxscroll) ;

    and on the actual button instance inside the scrollButton movieclip:

    on (press) {
    startDrag (this, false, _parent.left, this_y, _parent.right, this._y);
    on (release) {
    stopDrag ();

    this is based on the same draggablescrollbars tut you were trying,
    I just adapted it from a post I made in the flash5 general forum this morning - replaced _y values with _x etc - if there are bugs post back.

    ps - you obviously won't be able to get text to scroll sideways using the .scroll and .maxscroll properties, you'll need to adjust stuff and play around a little to get what you want.

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