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Thread: double viz class or display.graphics

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    Question double viz class or display.graphics


    Looking for some answers but, I think what I want may not be possible.
    I have two audio players on the same page. They both incorporate a class for the visualization of the audio..ie a viz class. I have changed the names, set vars to private etc.. but, no matter what I do, whenever one player is playing the viz class is activated in the other. After much frustration, I've come to the conclusion that this is due to the flash.display.Graphics

    Does anyone have any ideas of what I might do/attempt to separate these two?
    I know it seems silly having two player on one page but, that's kinda what I have to deal w/ at the moment.

    Any hints / particular directions would be most greatful.


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    How do you have your visualization class listening for the music?

    If its an ENTER_FRAME, or TIMER try making sure that the event listeners don't get added until music is actually playing.

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