On account of being SEO friendly, I want to build an html site that uses Flash, as opposed to a 100% Flash site.

I'm finding it extremely difficult to find a tutorial on creating an html site that uses my own as3 Flash buttons for navigation, and some swf animation.

Some issues I want to learn about:

- how to set the site structure up so that the site isn't reloading swfs that I want to remain constant throughout the site (buttons, main animations).

- how to place a swf over the top of html eg I have an image I want to animate travelling from left to right of the screen , settling on the right, but it has to travel over the html content on the left.

- how to wrtie the thml and as3 code for buttons, taking into account that I may want a swf button to have a different state once it's loaded it's html content page (ie how to get html to tell the Flash button to go to it's clicked state).

I'd really appreciate any basic tuts out there.