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Thread: Communiy Video Tutorials

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    Communiy Video Tutorials

    My KM-CODEX Desktop app now has two versions. "Color My World" and "Power Windows". Both versions allow users to insert html text, buttons, horizontal rules, images (with clickable links) and spacer objects to create posts on subjects from Koolmoves to just about anything else they want in hopes of creating community involvement.

    The newest version (Power Windows) now also supports Video Objects. Users can now insert a video object (remotely hosted FLV path) to any post and set it's size and alignment. Like all other objects, the video object can be re-edited at anytime (all users can edit their own posts) or removed completely from the list of objects that define that post. It's hierarchy in the post can also be adjusted (like all other objects) by simply dragging it in the Object Outline and dropping it where you want it placed.

    If the stored path to the FLV is valid, users can download any video posted. If for some reason the path is not valid (either on purpose or because the hosted server is down) the user is informed that the video is no longer available.

    What I am trying to do is get users to add or obtain videos that interest them, be they video tutorials or any other type of video. Since all valid videos ever posted in my desktop app are downloadable, they can be shared and hopefully spread around to whoever has need of them.

    Only the Power Windows version supports video. If you feel like taking part and have videos worth posting, myself and all users would appreciate anything you can submit. Nearly all my website content will be migrated into this desktop app in 2010 (for instance all my downloads are inside there now) and it is an ongoing effort.

    You can find Power Windows in my sidebar at my website. It's free, has no advertisements and is offered in good faith. These apps are also available from the Adobe Showcase and if you do not have the Adobe AIR runtime installed, the Desktop Forum installers in my sidebar (and at Adobe) will install it for you.

    Let see what we can all do about getting users who have never heard of Koolmoves to see Koolmoves in action! Everything helps.

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    It's very slick!

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