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Thread: What's slowing my site

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    What's slowing my site


    I have a site with decent traffic (about 40k visitors per day) that is run off of GoDaddy shared hosting.

    I have been receiving a number of emails from visitors who have been complaining that the site is painfully slow. I know they're right - when I load it up on my work computer, it can take 15 seconds before anything appears on the screen... about 30 second to see all the text, and up to 45 seconds for the whole page.

    I'm wondering what's slowing it down.

    According to GoDaddy the traffic level is fine and it's not the server that's slowing things down. They tell me to re-examine the page, size of graphics, etc.

    The page is entirely static html - no java, no flash, no frames, no nothin'. Just text and graphics. And some adsense.

    The site does have a number of graphics on it - about 10-15 gifs per page and a jpeg header. All are optimized as well as I can get them without losing quality. The biggest graphic is the header @ 35k. Is this too big? The rest are mostly rectangles and whatnot @ about 4-7k.

    I use web-page maker to create the pages. Not the most complex piece of software, but it works for me. Beyond extremely basic html and wysiwyg editors, I really have minimal web design skills.

    I see other sites - with seemingly LOTS more graphics loading way way faster than mine.



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    Could be a number of things. Post a link to the site and we'll take a look.

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    Without seeing the site its hard to tell, but perhaps web-page maker produces clunky html.

    You can use the 'net' tab in firebug (firefox add-on) to see which components of a page are slowing it down.

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    You're on a shared GoDaddy account and getting 40k hits per day. That's not going to work.

    You definitely need to upgrade at least to a VPS somewhere not crappy like GoDaddy.

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    It could be the adsense ads... I've seen banner ads at tops of pages crippling sites until the adserver catches up... that was years ago, but who knows. If you post a link, it should be easy to track down what the problem is.

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