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Thread: Javascript and ExternalInterface

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    Javascript and ExternalInterface

    Hello guys, I'm going crazy.

    Does anybody know why this is not going to work??


    At this link there is a product page.
    You can see there is a little text link called "Ciccio". If I click it, it calls a javascript function that makes the div disappear. It's a test and it works.

    Below there is a flash movie with a blue button.
    The code in the click of the button is:


    It calls the same function called by the "Ciccio" link.

    The "Ciccio" link works... the blue button DOESN'T.
    I'm really going crazy... please help me!

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    You have a security error...

    SecurityError: Error #2060: Security sandbox violation: ExternalInterface caller http://www.cioccolatonapoleone.com/compra/themes/prestashop/provajs.swf cannot access http://cioccolatonapoleone.com/compra/product.php?id_product=10.
    at flash.external::ExternalInterface$/_initJS()
    at flash.external::ExternalInterface$/call()
    at provajs_fla::MainTimeline/jscript()
    it's probably because you didn't set allowScriptAccess in the embed code.
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    Really thank you.

    I had no output in the browser (actually I don't know how to do) so I couldn't debug the movie "in action".

    Thank you again.

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