I am working on a streaming radio application for a web site using Flash as the media player. The client is also interested in a standalone desktop application, and I am considering AIR for this. However, I am new to developing an AIR application and would like to get some advice on how to port the web version to AIR.

The web application is primarily HTML and javascript control over a flash player. We are using Flash only to control sound playback, and not load or display data. The loading and display of data for the application, and links to other information is handled by the browser using standard html.

Would this approach would work well for an AIR application? For example could I set up the air application to simply load the url of the web application and get the same functionality within the air enviroment? Is there a javascript interface between flash and the browser in AIR? Is it possible to embed Flash in a HTML page for AIR?

Or would I get a better result if I developed the entire application using Flash to both control sound and display data, and not try to mix Flash and HTML in an AIR application?

Thanks for any help.