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Thread: Create an installer for my application

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    Create an installer for my application

    Hi guys,
    first of all thanx in advance for your time.

    I've quite a simple question to ask, just hope that what I'm going to say make sense to anyone.
    I've created a flash application (kind of tutorial) that contains some text and video. Basically the app runs from a cd but now what I'd like to create is an installation file to give even the chance to install it directly on local hard disk. I've found and used a really fine application called Inno and it works fine but the point is that it creates a 'packed' version of data which will then installled locally. Now the stumble point is that videos, within the project, occupy most of the cd space, that means that the 'packed' file(s) for will force me to 'publish' it on a DVD rather than a CD. So my question is, is there a way, either with Inno itself or any other app, that allows me to create an installation file but without creating any 'packed' files?
    I just need it to create a folder on the local drive, and then juts copy the cd's content into the created folder?

    Thaks again

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    The simplest approach would be to write a BAT file to do the copy and call the BAT file from your ISS file. If you're willing and able to learn a bit aout the scripting language built into Inno Setup then you can use functions like FileCopy to copy files from the CD to the HD as part of your setup. Finally you could write your own EXE to perform the file copies for you, but if you knew how to do that I guess you wouldn't be asking for help in the first place!

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