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Thread: Help with Health Bar

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    Unhappy Help with Health Bar

    Hello i'm new to this site and is seeing if anyone could help me with this problem..
    I am making a platformer which you use the arrow keys to move. My problem is the health bar, it works perfectly fine but, when the bar reaches zero i can't make it go to a game over frame.... Here is all of the code:

    Health Bar: (Instance name: HP)
    this._xscale = _root.hp;
    if(_root.hp < 0){
    _root.hp = 0;

    _root.hp = 100;

    If someone could help me with this i would really appreciate it. (I have been stuck on this for a couple months now)

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    what about simple gotoAndStop(gameOverFrame); ?

    You may want to use function onEnterFrame() {
    game code here

    on a frame on the main timeline instead on a movie clip. Possibly wrap everything within if (gameover == 0) { } ( inside that onEnterFrame function )

    then when helath bar reaches 0, set gameover = 1, and do gotoAndStop( gameOverFrame); and don't forget to set variable gameover = 0; before onEnterFrame function.

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    Gj Mikemd :P you stole my response no hero points for me

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