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Thread: Simple Sound Over 2 .swf's question...

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    Simple Sound Over 2 .swf's question...

    I have probably a simple/stupid question, but any help would be greatly appreciated. I have a simple website with the Main/Index page with this code to start a song.

    song1 = new Sound();
    song1.start(0, 999);

    Then I have an off button with just stopAllSounds. But the problem is that when a user clicks on a link to go to a new page, i have a new .swf load over the top of my original swf. It also has the same button with the same code. So when i push the "on" for the sound, it doesnt load. Is there a simple way for it to load a different song that is in that 2nd page? Thanks

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    Simple Sound Over 2 .swf's question

    This, of course, initializes the sound and starts it streaming. ... Simple Swf Preload Question. I have a real simple question but can't find an answer here.

    Sound Effects

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