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Thread: [RESOLVED] child swf with component loaded in to parent swf

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    resolved [RESOLVED] child swf with component loaded in to parent swf

    I have an elearning course, a .swf, that loads multiple .swfs as the user progresses through the course. At the end, there is a quiz.

    The quiz.swf uses the radiobutton component. I have developed some custom skins to use on the radiobutton component. I have figured out that:

    1. I have to add an instance of a radiobutton in the main .swf for the radiobuttons in the quiz .swf to show.
    2. I have to copy the radiobutton intance from the quiz swf library to the main swf library if I want my custom skins to show in the quiz swf

    While, this works fine. It is not practical. I want the quiz.swf to more modular. So I can pop it in to any course and not have to go back in and add the radiobutton skins to each course.

    Does anyone know of a way around this?


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    The skins are part of the component. Unless you create a new RadioButton component and use the extension manager to import it into Flash you will have to manually handle the component.
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    Actually I found a way to do it. I duplicated all the RadioButton SKin MCs. Did my modifications to those MCs. Then I used the following code during the RB creation in AS:

    PHP Code:
    And voila! The radiobutton skin is not pulling from the main swf instance, but from the specific skin I want.

    Now I can pop the quiz swf in any course and it will keep its look and feel.

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