Hi guys,

found a bit of problems working on this subject.

The scrollwheel functionality is not natively supported in flash on mac os.

So, in order to make it works, i used the AS2 class i found on the pixelbreaker blog (http://blog.pixelbreaker.com/flash/swfmacmousewheel), and i used it with the swfobject javascript embed system (the last version 2.2).

So, actually, on a mac os, the mousewheel event is traced through javascript instead of the movie itself.
And it works.

But when turning the displaystate to fullscreen within the mac os it stops working.
I fail to understand why it does not work on fullscreen mode (while on pc works in both ways, on mac works only if the movie is in displaystate normal).

Did any of you had the same problem that i have and found a better solution, or maybe some advice on why it does not work in fullscreen mode?

thank you for any advice

(the site is in a temporary folder, and you can find it here: www.santopalato.it/temp/mesiano/index.html
in my flash site you can use the scrollwheel to scroll the index of photos, the photos in the gallery (one the first has loaded) and the text in the "bio" section.
If you want you can try, and if you are on mac os then you should be able to scroll any of these but not in fullscreen (while on windows works both ways)