Hi All,

I've followed a flash preloader tutorial word by word online for AS2.

The main bulk of the AS code is:

loaderInt = setInterval (Lbar, 10);
function Lbar () {
if (getBytesLoaded () >= getBytesTotal ()) {
clearInterval (loaderInt);
fill_MC._xscale = (getBytesLoaded()/getBytesTotal ()*100);

With fill_MC being my pre-loader bar. I've checked the instance name a hundred times but to no avail, it just wont register the loading. You can see for yourself if you kindly navigate to http://www.dariomemarian.com/sitedevelopment.html and then click on magazine. Either the movie won't play at all or you get a flash of the preloader and then the supposed pre-loaded jittery movie plays. The movie clip it self is a image sequence of jpegs.

This is the timeline

Any help would greatly be appreciated.